Vlerick MedTech Pilot Program

Prepare yourself to successfully bring medical technology, such as medical devices or new health solutions featuring devices, to the market – taking the European ecosystem, and its new medical device regulations, into account.

The MedTech Masterclass offers the quality stamp and integrative view that are needed and is ideal for you if you want to understand the requirements of working in the European MedTech space.

The MedTech Masterclass addresses these challenges:

  • Understanding the MedTech ecosystem, its markets and regulatory environment – and the differences internationally
  • Clinically investigating MedTech ideas more quickly, making use of co-development and collaboration
  • Making market access more predictable
  • Knowing how to evaluate where value is created and captured in novel converging MedTech business models
  • Understanding the differences and resemblances with pharmaceutical regulatory access processes
  • Detecting opportunities related to the convergence of drugs and medical devices
  • Mastering the strategic, tactical and technical aspects to meeting legal requirements in order to introduce products on the market

Please find more information on MedTech Pilot Programme.