Bijkhoevelaan 32c, 2110 Wijnegem

Voxdale (Antwerp, 2005) is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical development of medical devices and equipment. The Voxdale team consists of seasoned experts in the field of engineering, product development, electronics integration and materials selection.
Voxdale provides the necessary expertise and skills to guide projects from idea phase all the way up to building prototypes needed for initial verification and feasibility studies. Specifically, concepts and ideas are developed, product design and engineering initiated, risks and failure modes analyzed, and functional prototypes (by use of e.g. 3D printing) in medical grade materials are built. In order to minimize the development path and risks, several tools are used to simulate and optimize functionality, including state-of-the-art finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools. Additionally, Voxdale can assist in regulatory aspects needed to obtain CE.