Medical Image Perception Conference 02.06.15

02.06.2015 – 05.06.2015 /
The Medical Image Perception Conference is a biennial conference dedicated to bringing together people interested in human and computer perception of medical image information and related subjects, such as detection and discrimination of abnormalities, cognitive and psychophysical processes, perception errors, search patterns, human and ideal observer models, computer-based perception (CAD and CADx), impact of display and ergonomic factors on image perception and performance, role of image processing on image perception and performance, and assessment methodologies.
Topic areas for the conference include but are not limited to:
• Detection & discrimination of abnormalities
• Cognition, psychophysics & behavior
• Perception errors
• Search patterns
• Human & ideal observer models
• Computer-based perceptionImpact of display & ergonomics
• Image processing
• Assessment methods, metrics & statistics

MIPS XVI is particularly interested in submissions on these topics as they relate to 3D or volumetric imaging. 3D or volumetric images are becoming increasingly common in radiology (e.g., MRI, CT, digital breast tomosynthesis) pathology and other clinical specialties but they present unique perceptual and cognitive challenges in addition to technical issues related to acquisition, display, storage and transmission. What is the best way to display a 3D image on a 2D display? Does diagnostic accuracy improve with 3D images? Does it take more or less time to navigate through a 3D dataset? How do we apply image processing and image analysis techniques (e.g., CAD) to 3D images? Do we need new metrics and tools to evaluate 3D tasks other than traditional ROC methods? These are just a few of the critical questions volumetric imaging raises. Traditionally, a limited number of scholarships will be available to students who present at the meeting.

The event is organized by iMinds – IPI – Ghent University, Department of Imaging & Pathology of the KU Leuven, and the Department of Medical Imaging of the University of Arizona. The local hosts and organizers are Asli Kumcu, MSc (Ghent University), Ljiljana Platisa, PhD (Ghent University), and Federica Zanca, PhD (University of Leuven).

Organizing committee:

Hilde Bosmans, PhD (University of Leuven)
Bart Goossens, PhD (Ghent University)
Tom Kimpe, PhD (Barco n.v.)
Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD (University of Arizona)
Asli Kumcu, MSc (Ghent University)
Ljiljana Platisa, PhD (Ghent University)
Ewout Vansteenkiste, PhD (Ghent University)
Federica Zanca, PhD (University of Leuven)